Dual Foam 5 Layers Insulated Water Storage Tank


Indraprastha insulated tanks have multiple layers of polymer engineered for saving energy, ensuring hygiene and weather resistance. Indraprastha tanks have 5 layers for higher performance.


Dual Foam 5 Layer Insulated

  • Outer White Colour Layer
  • Insulated Middle Layer 1
  • Black Color Layer UV Stabilized 
  • Insulated Middle Layer 2
  • Inner Layer Food Grade Polymers

Higher Temperature Insulation

Indraprastha water storage tanks do not heat up the water like the ordinary black tanks. The temperature difference between 5 layers tanks and ordinary tank can reach up to 30°c.

100% Virgin Grade

100% virgin grade polyethylene premises high performance and quality of 5 layers.

Food Grade

Safe for use when in contact with drinking water, 5 layer tanks are manufactured from grade polyethylene.

UV Stable

UV stabilization prevents degradation and ensures that there is no cracking or chalking or loss in physical properties in 5 layer.